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Before we tell you the secret ingredient, we would like to ask you a question – are you ready to quit smoking? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should definitely read the article below.  We all know that the greatest drawback of quitting smoking is the fear of feeling anxious and depressed. But there are many herbs and supplements that can help you stop smoking.

The real and ugly truth is that we all know that smoking is bad for our health. But, for some people, quitting is the toughest thing. A recent study, conducted by group of medical experts, has found that for every cigarette you smoke, over 4,000 toxic chemicals are inhaled into the body. You should be very careful and quit smoking, because most of these chemicals have been directly linked to cancer. Did you know that Nitrogen dioxide ozone penetrates your body when you smoke cigarettes? This dangerous chemical damages DNA and reduces the amount of vitamin C available for use by the body.

The million-dollar question – what’s the name of the secret ingredient? We can answer that question for you – we’re talking about the powerful sweetener – Stevia! Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this.

The Power of Stevia

Study confirms – a recent study, conducted by group of German experts has discovered that Stevia can help you quit smoking and avoid alcohol. Stevia belongs to the chrysanthemum family native to Paraguay. It has been long used as a sweetener. How it works – well, stevia blocks the craving signals your brain sends, and you will not crave for a cigarette. For anti-smoking therapy, just apply a couple of drops of stevia directly on your tongue whenever you feel the desire for a cig. This simple ritual instantly and remarkably kills any craving for a smoke. Stevia also handles another annoying issue with those who are trying to stop smoking. That is weight gain. Stevia helps balance your blood sugar, significantly decreasing your desire for sweets. It is safe for diabetics and hypoglycemic and has been used with great success in weight loss programs.

Grow Stevia at Home

Did you know that stevia is a perennial plant as well? This means that this plant needs sun and cannot survive in cold and harsh conditions. However, stevia’s root can survive in zones 9 and warmer, and grow again in spring. If protected well, it can survive in zone 8, too. Plant it in 12-inch containers, and make sure you use high-quality potting soil. Keep it in direct sunlight, and water whenever the surface of the soil is dry.

Soil, Planting and Growing Care

Here’s what you need to know – well, first you need to make sure your stevia plant has 18 inches’ free space. And don’t forget – you should use loose, loamy, and well-drained soil, because that is exactly what this plant likes. It grows 1-3 feet in height. Of course, this depends on the growing season. Wait for the frost to pass before you plant your stevia plant. Use compost or Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Plant Food. Follow the instructions on the label. A mulch will prevent your stevia from drying out in summer. If you plant your stevia in a pot, make sure it gets the same plant food and mulch.


This is very important for you to know – this plant doesn’t like soggy soil. Good drainage is of essential importance, otherwise the root will rot. If your plant is still wilting after being watered, its roots are probably rotten. Some insects may also be a problem.

Harvest and storage

Here’s what you need to know – first, you should know that this plant blooms in fall, so you can trim off the flowers. In this way the plant will grow new leaves. It has small white flowers in fall. In this time of the year the plant stretches out, and does not have too many good leaves. Clip of the blooms, and the plant will release more leaves. Stevia leaves are sweeter in autumn. The plant tastes much better before it starts blooming.

Make sure you dry your stevia leaves, so you can use them for longer. Cut off the stems, and remove its leaves and tender stems. Scatter them on loosely woven fabric or any non-metal screening. Make sure you dry the leaves outside in the sun. The leaves will dry out in just one day. Collect them in a container before they get damp. Food dehydrators also work well. Crush your dried Stevia leaves with your hand or use a food processor to powder them. And yes, you should store your stevia powder or crushed stevia leaves in airtight containers. The powder cannot dissolve, but it will sure sweeten your drinks and food. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You and have a nice day!