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Many people have brown spots or age spots on their face and skin, and even though they are not very scary, people who have them do not feel self-confident. They can be on the limbs, shoulders, hands and face and their number increases over the years.

They just are a symptom of aging.

But do not worry; there is a simple and natural treatment that will help you to eliminate these age spots. But first and important thing is that you know the reason for their appearance and then you can try to get rid of them and prevent from appearing again.

The most common reason for black spots is over exposure to UV rays and sunlight, and it does not matter if you have been in a tanning bed, or have stayed in the sunlight without a sunscreen.

Melanin is what give the skin a dark shade and it appears even faster when you are more exposed to sunlight and tanning. After a while the body’s dark ten is gone and only the brown spots have remained on the skin where the melanin has been more active.

If you are not sure whether these brown spots can damage your health, then you should know that is certainly can. They are not always very serious and cause cancer, but just in case you should take some measures and self-examination to hinder any serious issues.

  • If the spots get tender and red, you should immediately visit your doctor.
  • Check the spots for any strange borders around them.
  • Examine the spots and notice their color in case it changes and it gets darker.
  • Examine the brown spots and see if they are changing or growing in any way.

If you are feeling worried about these brown spots, consult your dermatologist about them. You can also perform the test “ABCDE’s of Melanoma’’ and examine the problem.

This treatment will treat the age sports in a very quick and easy way:

So this natural treatment is made with two simple ingredients in a juice solution and then you can put it in the brown spots. Watch the video and follow the instructions.

Fresh onion juice is very beneficial and it has been used for many centuries to heal scars on the skin and because onions are rich in antioxidants they have the power to protect the layer of the skin and also hinder any free radical damage.

Apple cider vinegar is also very beneficial for the skin health and due to its content of alpha hydroxyl acids which work like natural exfoliants and they have the power to remove dead skin layers. So combine these two ingredients and make your skin look amazing.

Preparation of the mixture

Take one fresh onion, dice it into small pieces and put it in a Ziploc bag. After that pulverize them and in the end put it in a blender to blend them nicely. Pour the organic apple cider vinegar and mix to make a homogenous mixture.


Take a cotton ball and soak it in the solution and then place it on the affected area on the skin. Repeat this every day for 2-4 weeks.

You will notice the first results in 7 days, but we recommend you to proceed with the treatment until you eliminate all the brown spots on the skin.

Even thought you cannot totally stop the spots from appearing again but you can send less time in the sunlight and protect your skin by always applying sunscreen, in winter time too.

And do not use tanning beds, because they can cause serious damage to the skin. To repeat one more time, if you have any type of brown spots on your skin and you are not sure if they are serious or not, consult a doctor to relieve any doubt you have.