Some of the most common factors that can cause high blood sugar levels are: stress, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy diet, certain health problems, certain medications, etc. You must also be aware that high blood sugar is just a symptom of diabetes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you suffer from diabetes if your blood sugar levels are high.

People have also reported these symptoms of high blood sugar: slow healing of cuts and wounds, dry mouth, dry and itchy skin, increased thirst, stomach problems, impotence, always being hungry, blurred vision, frequent urination and urination during the night, nerve problems, daily fatigue or extreme tiredness, recurrent infections, excess abdominal fat/weight gain, difficulty concentrating, etc.

Our remedy is a very powerful one that is going to help you regulate your high blood sugar levels, but also reduce your triglycerides! You may already have the ingredients at home! Take a look!


  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 60 grams of cloves
  • 1 liter of water


Just add the cinnamon sticks and cloves into the 1 liter of water and that’s it! You have to keep this remedy in the refrigerator for 5 days! In that way, all the healing properties from the ingredients will be released. Consume 1 dcl a day! Drink it in the morning, before breakfast. Repeat this method 2 times, and then take a break for 15 days! This remedy is very powerful! You’ll notice a great difference on the following blood count. Your blood sugar and triglycerides will be lowered and you’ll be full of life! Your energy will be replenished and your health will be restored!