These days, especially popular graphic online tributes the health properties of Graviola, the super tree, herb, fruit that originated in Amazon Rainforest and is quite efficient in preventing cancer.

This plant known as soursop, is “10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy” in destroying cancer cells which is one of the disease with the highest mortality rate.

You can watch a very popular video bellow. It is about trilling results from a study conveyed at the Purdue University. These results show the anti-cancer properties of Graviola and that is why this video is watched more than 100,000 times.

What is behind this and what does the FDA say about Graviola and preventing cancer?

Health Benefits of Graviola May Include Antioxidants, Immune Support and More

Graviola tree is generally about 15-30 feet tall but is quite rich in nutrients. It is found in South America in the Amazon River basin.

It has a texture similar to custard and looks like a melon but the most beneficial parts are its bark and leaves which is very important information that is rarely mentioned. For thousands of years the Amazon natives have been using the bark and the leaves for preparing tea for treating health conditions like parasites, liver disease to arthritis.

Although the amazing anti-cancer properties of Graviola are denied by the government agencies, there are many evidences that this plant can be beneficial in protecting and preserving your health.

Those Graviola health benefits may include:

-Support for your entire immune system

-Highly active antioxidant compounds, offering protection against aging

-Assistance in draining the lympathic system

-Stimulates blood circulation within your system

-Supports your entire immune system

FDA has recognized Graviola as a plant that boosts the immunity but not its anti-cancer properties. What is more the government agencies threat the websites not to publish information about its anti –cancer properties or they will be punished.

Although FDA doesn’t agree that Graviola can help in treating and defeating cancer, many people use it for that purpose and also many studies are still done on Graviola’s supposed anti-cancer properties. The most important question is why there are no long –term studies done until now.

Graviola and Anti-Cancer Studies

The main and the most complete study on anti –cancer properties of Graviola was conveyed at Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and it was about substances found in the tree known as annonaceous acetogenins.

Millions were spent on this research (other plants were included as pawpaw which is even more rich in anti- cancerous substances) and result were promising: they have shown that this substances were quite effective in preventing the cancer cells growth without effecting the healthy cells. These substances in Graviola are great against drug-resistant cancer cells as well.

Together with FDA, those who don’t believe in these results claim that they were done in laboratories in test tubes, not on actual patients.

The bad news is that there are no actual studies on how Graviola helps in treating cancer and other medical conditions on humans.

Because Graviola is very strong natural remedy, if you want to use it, consult your doctor first.

If you want to read more about Graviola you can also visit the website- PubMed.Gov where you can find more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, online books and science journals.

Where to Buy an Organic Graviola Supplement

We must emphasize that this text offers you information only and should not be replaced with a medical advice.

It is not questionable that Graviola has many healing properties that need to be included in future studies as well as that it is used for a long time in traditional natural medicine.

If you decide to use Graviola the best way is to consult a naturopathic physician who has used it in healing patients before.

The best Graviola trees are those that are grown and harvested in their typical natural surroundings.