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I think that there is almost no person that does not hate cockroaches. These pests are unsightly and disgusting to many, especially the thought that they have them in their own homes.

These gross and terrible critters make us cringe, as they often carry dangerous diseases considering the conditions they live in. you can eliminate cockroaches in numerous ways, but most of these solutions include poisonous and harmful chemicals that actually exterminate the pests.

So, you probably wonder what you can do.

Fortunately, you can use the excellent method we are going to present you now, and it is a natural mixture harmless for your family and pets. This mixture will certainly help you get rid of the cockroaches right away.

This natural remedy differs from the professional extermination methods in the fact that it does not put your health at risk. Namely, this remedy is just as effective as professional extermination, but it protects your health and the health of your children at the same time.

For its preparation all you need to use is one onion and one teaspoon of baking soda. Make sure you chop the onion well and then add the baking soda and mix well, and this is it. In the end, put the mixture in the corners of your house, and very soon you will be finding dead cockroaches all around your house.

Do this every day and soon, the pests will be gone forever!

Source: Natural Healing Magazine