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Most of you will probably agree that white laundry is the most difficult to maintain, that is, to keep its whiteness and freshness for a longer period of time. This is because it is not uncommon for white clothes to become yellowish after only a couple of washes.

This being said, a lot of people opt for store-bought chemical bleaches to restore the whiteness, but what they never think of is that these chemicals can additionally damage their favorite T-shirt or blouse.

Therefore, you should opt for safer methods for removal of stains which are as effective as store-bought bleachers, but much safer because they are free of harmful substances. With this in mind, we made a list with the three best methods for washing white clothes.

Natural Bleaching Substances

  • Mix 6 crushed aspirin pills and a bowl of warm water and leave the white laundry to soak in the mixture for 30 minutes before you regularly wash them in the machine.
  • Mix the usual detergent with some vinegar and lemon juice to eliminate yellowish stains and restore the whiteness of the laundry.
  • Make a solution of 4 liters of warm water and one cup of sodium bicarbonate and soak the clothes in it for half an hour prior to washing them.