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Did you know that there are more than 1 million death cases per 1 year in United States, which are caused by Cardiovascular diseases and Coronary artery disease – CAD? Well yes, and you should also know that heart attacks are the most common cardiovascular disease. The heart attack usually happens when there isn’t any blood flowing to certain parts of your heart and the most common cause is artery blockage (plaque). The plaque is built-up inside the arteries and it creates a blood clot which can block the blood flow. The cardiovascular diseases come with no warning, or, at least that is what we believe.

The experts also say that heart attacks have several common symptoms, but most people are not aware of these – well, not until it is too late. And there are many different people who actually notice that something is wrong, but they don’t pay too much attention to the problem and leave it without any proper treatment.

You should be very careful, because if you don’t treat this disease on time – it can be deadly. So, when a heart attack occurs, people usually panic and don`t know what to do when they suspect they`re having a heart attack. This leads to loss of conscience in just a couple of seconds. But, ladies and gentlemen, you need to remember that you should immediately call an ambulance.

Then, you should take a deep breath and try to expel it from your lungs. Cough like you have congestion in your lungs. Don`t stop in a period of two seconds, extending the exhale. In the following video you will learn how this coughing technique can save your life.