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Sometimes, we notice strange things on our bodies, things which we can’t fully understand. You know the feeling right! Well, this is the main reason why you should be very careful and if you see a dark rink around your child’s neck – you should take your kid to the hospital immediately! Take a look at the article below and find out more about this! Unfortunately, many children around the world are having problems with obesity, which usually leads to increased number of children and teenagers who have diabetes type 2. It’s all cause of the fast, modern and unhealthy lifestyle nowadays.

This is a real life story, about a little girl, Pantera, who was only 14 when she discovered that she had diabetes, because of the drastic health changes she had at the time. Pantera suffered from severe headaches, mood swings and she was always thirsty. So, when a dark ring appeared on her neck, her mother thought that it was dirt.

But, she was wrong. After that, they’ve found that the ring was actually caused by diabetes type 2. And right now, Pantera needs to run blood tests frequently and to inject insulin every day. So, the doctors discovered that that the dark ring around the neck actually indicates that there is something wrong with insulin level in your blood.

You should know that diabetes type 2 is a chronic disease that cannot be cured. Diabetes type 2 affects the insulin levels and the way your body processes glucose. The doctors also said that the dark skin color is also known as “acanthosis nigricans” and it can affect your armpits and groin as well.

Increased insulin levels activate the insulin receptors in the skin which cause dark pigmentation on certain body areas. They also warn us that this type of diabetes is becoming more common among young people than before. Well, this is why Pantera and her family are trying to tell their story, so other families around the world will lead much healthier life.

Pantera’s mother said:

“I would like other parents to know that this can happen to your child even if you personally are not diabetic or don’t have anyone in your family that is.” 

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