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Palmistry is an ancient technique of telling a person’s fortune based on the lines on their palm. A palm reader will take the hand of the subject and, while looking closely at their palm, they will start telling the subject’s past and future through the placement of the lines and shapes on their palm.

There are 3 main lines that give the palm reader the most information about a person. These lines are the Life Line, the Heart Line, and the Head Line. All people have these 3 basic lines, but not many have a letter “M” that is formed out of these 3 lines that intertwine in a specific way.

Look closely at your palms. If you have the letter “M”, you can find it in the middle of your palm. Not all people have this letter, but those who have it, might have it on one or on both hands, and it has a special meaning.

To find if you have “M” on your hand, first, look closely at your Life Line – this line is the one that curls from your palm edge between your forefinger and your thumb to the base of your thumb down to your wrist. This line predicts your life longevity, health, and your life path.

Next, look for your Head Line. This is the line that starts on your palm’s edge between your thumb and forefinger and then goes through the middle of your hand, and it may be straight or slightly curved. This line tells how you make decisions and what kind of a willpower you possess.

Next, find your Heart Line – this line begins between your middle and index finger, and then it curls to end up just under your pinky finger. This line predicts and describes your relationships – intimate and among family members.

Finally, look for a very small line called the Fate Line or the Saturn Line. This line is very rare, that’s why not many people have this letter. For some, it might be just a small even unnoticeable crease, and in others, it might show clearly and stretch from the bottom of their middle finger all the way to the base of their palm. This line is known as “career line” because it predicts your fortune and your career path.

So, if you are among the rare people, and you have a letter “M” on your palm – this is the special meaning it carries to your life.

The letter “M” on your hand indicated that you are a career-driven, self-motivated, and disciplined person. These traits will bring you great fortune in your life, and you will be successful in whatever career path you choose. Often, they get engaged in political fields or get to the top of the business scale holding a managing position.

These people have strong intuition and can see right through someone’s lies and deceptions. Their strong intuition makes them excellent business planners, and they succeed in everything they set their mind and heart to.

All in all, the letter “M” is associated with good fortune, leadership, success, and excellent life prospects.

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