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Well, the real and ugly truth is that many women around the world spend thousands of dollars on different cosmetic products – every day! So, if you’re one of them, then you should definitely read the article below and thanks us later! Ladies, first you should know that all cosmetic and personal care products must have a label, which is indelible and easy to read.

This is very important for you to remember – cosmetic products must indicate when they are best used by or how long they should be kept. This is either via a “Best Before Date” or a “Period After Opening” (PAO) symbol. A PAO symbol is far more common, as most cosmetics are formulated to have a long shelf life.

Period After Opening

For products with a lifespan longer than 30 months, they must have a “Period After Opening” time. This means once a product has been opened by the consumer for the first time, it has a shelf life of so many months under normal conditions of use. It is shown on cosmetics as an open pot with a number in it and an “M” – this shows the number of months that the product is safe to use once it has been opened. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!