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The sleeping position can affect health in many ways. For instance, it can lead to back pain, or relieve it, it can be the cause of your snoring, it can be the reason for the discomfort in the neck, and it can seriously determine your energy levels in the morning.

Sometimes, only a few tweaks can make a huge difference, so being aware of the sleeping positions and their effects can be highly beneficial.

Here are the meanings and possible effects of the position you are sleeping in:

Sleeping on the Belly: Sleeping on the belly might cause lower back or neck pain.

On Your Back:  Sleeping on the back can aggravate snoring, and lead to lower back pain. In this case, you should support the curve of the spine by placing a pillow under the knees.

Right Side: Snoring and sleep apnea might lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. To treat these issues, make sure you sleep on your right side. Sleeping on the right side will also help you alleviate back pain. You can place a small pillow between the legs to relieve the pressure off the back and hips.

Left side: Sleeping on the left side is beneficial during pregnancy, as it will boost blood flow and the transport of nutrients throughout the body.

Starfish: This sleeping position will help you relieve neck and back pain, and reduce acid reflux.

Soldier: Sleeping with the arms close to your side means that you keep close to yourself.

Spooning: This position triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that will lower stress and improve your relationship.

Moreover, if you are facing difficulties to fall or stay asleep, and fail to get the needed nighttime rest, you will find the following tips very useful:

  • You can wear a sleep mask and make your bedroom sleep-friendly
  • Set a routine that will determine the time you go to sleep and wake up every morning
  • Do not eat large meals at least 3 hours before bedtime
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks late in the afternoon or in the evening
  • Limit the use of your gadgets
  • Be active during the day and exercise regularly

Sleeping is vital for our overall health and wellbeing, so you should do all possible to make sure you are getting a sound, high-quality sleep every night.