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Baking soda is very useful ingredient! YES, you got that right! And we can easily say that this ingredient is all-purpose, non-toxic and extremely beneficial substance. Many people use this extremely useful ingredient for almost everything: for making homemade baked goods, as a polishing agent, deodorizing agent and for cleaning purposes. Baking soda is the perfect alternative for many harsh and toxic cleaning products and the best of all is that baking soda always provides excellent results.

People also use this amazing ingredient to make homemade cosmetic and beauty products – teeth whitener, all-natural deodorant, etc. You can use baking soda to restore the pH balance and to prevent sin problems, like acne. But, did you know that you can use baking soda to clean your feet!

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 5 liters’ water.
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda


Pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a bucket of water (5l). Then, you need to soak your feet in the solution for 15-20 minutes. After that, you need to scrub your feet with pumice stone before applying a nourishing cream or Vaseline. Note: make sure you wear cotton soaks overnight. Do this 5-7 days.