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Age spots or brown spots on the skin which are not scary nor represents a certain health problem, but one that can reduce the very confidence of people.

Most often these spots appear on the face, arms and shoulders, and legs and over the years their number is constantly increasing.

Below we present you a very simple but effective natural product that will help you get rid of these spots and your skin will look better and younger.

You need only two ingredients which you should mix and apply to the affected area. These are fresh onion and vinegar.

The juice of fresh onion has long been used to treat scars and other skin problems because it contains antioxidants that protect the skin.

Vinegar or apple cider vinegar in itself has hydro acids that eliminate dead skin cells and in combination with the onion can do wonders for your skin.

Here’s how to prepare it:

Take fresh onion and chop it into cubes and then insert it into the blender and mix it well. Then add the vinegar, mix well until a smooth mixture.

Take a cotton swab and dip into the mixture and then apply to the parts of the skin where there are brown spots. Do this treatment every day for about a month.

The first effects will be noticeable after only seven days, but continue until you completely get rid of age spots.