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This medicinal drink comes from the Amish culture . According to them, he treats many diseases and strengthens the immune system. The combination of its ingredients is very strong, and those who have tried it say that natural medicine has also good effect and Lowers Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure.

If you want to try the drug on the advice of the Amish, here’s the recipe:

It is necessary: 1 clove grated garlic, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, grated fresh ginger (1 piece), 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and  15 g of honey.

Preparation: Mix all ingredients, pour into a blender and blend all content, before using the potion let it sit for a few days.

Use: This natural remedy lowers bad cholesterol and acts against hypertension. Top effects gives when used before breakfast and before dinner. Daily this tool can be taken three times, in equal doses. Results are obtained for a week after use.

Who are the Amish?

Amish are called members of the conservative Christian group in North America – Ancient Order Amish Mennonite church. Are known for their simple way of life and denial of modern technology and modern ways of life.

A few years ago began their migration from the north to the rest of the United States. Turn the nature, certainly well acquainted with the facts of everything that nature has to offer.

Source : AllHealhyRemedi

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