Besides being used for losing weight it can help many more health problems.

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  1. Acidity: You need to mix cumin, coriander and sugar in equal amounts. Consume it every morning with water 2 teaspoons a day to clear the acidity of the system.
  2. Acidity: you can take a pinch of raw cumin and keep it in the mouth and swallow later if you have acid problems and you want instant relief.
  3. Indigestion: The equal part mixture of cumin, rock salt, black pepper, dry ginger, long pepper, made into a powder can cure dyspepsia issues. You need to consume one tablespoon with fresh water after a meal.
  4. Loose motion: In a glass of yogurt add five grams roasted and grinded cumin. Stir it and consume it for instant relief.
  5. Intestinal Worms: In 400 ml water boil 15 g cumin. Let it boil until it reaches 100 ml. Consume 20-40 ml every morning and evening for problems with intestinal worms.
  6. Vomiting: Mix the roasted cumin with honey and consume one tablespoon after a meal to cure vomiting.
  7. Cough and Colds: The antiseptic properties of the cumin can help the frozen phlegm in the chest and the thoracic region. It can relieve the cough and the colds. You just need to boil cumin seeds in a glass of water and consume this drink after it cools off a little.
  8. Insomnia: Mix a teaspoon of roasted cumin powder with a banana and consume it after dinner
  9. Stomach- ache and Body ache: Mix cumin powder in lukewarm water daily and consume it fresh to relieve pain.
  10. Anemia: The iron in the cumin can prevent anemia and other iron deficiencies. Pregnant women should consume it to increase the iron in the blood.
  11. Detox for the liver: The liver and the entire body system can be detoxed by the cumin.
  12. Diabetes: The level of the sugar in the blood can be regulated by consuming cumin with a glass of water twice a day.
  13. Constipation: The equal amounts of cumin, black pepper, dry ginger and curry powder can clear the bowel and relieve from constipation. You can also add butter and salt for taste and you can consume it with rice.