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  1.  Dreams of flying

These dreams symbolize the need to achieve your ambitions. Where are you trying to go? Which path have you taken to get there? Do you have problems achieving something in life? Dreams of flying usually make us feel recharged after waking, feeling free and confident we can do whatever we set our mind on.

  1. Dreams of waterfalls

Waterfalls or water in general symbolizes our emotional state. It’s a symbol of purity and cleansing, it’s a sign of new beginnings and letting go of what used to be.

If you dream of waterfalls remember these things about them, is the waterfall big or small? How to you regard your obstacles? Is it on a beautiful beach or a dark jungle?

  1. Dreams of teeth

These dreams are fairly common and contrary to popular belief they don’t all symbolize aging. If you dream you’re pulling a tooth it means that you need to let something go. Rotten teeth are a sign of holding on to some anxiety and fear. If you dream of your teeth falling, which is one of the most common dreams, you’re stressed about something new in life, it can be a new job, a relationship, or some new situation that’s causing you stress.

  1. Dreams of death

These dreams are much more common than people would like to admit and they maybe morbid but are usually a symbol of something coming to an end. Death doesn’t mean literal death; it can be the death of anger and anxiety, the death of some idea which gives way to a new one, the death of some situation.

If death is haunting you in your dreams ask yourself are you the one who died or was it the death of a loved one?

  1. Dreams of pregnancy

Dreams of pregnancy usually symbolize a tremendous growth and progress, usually connected to some future endeavors or desires.

If you dream of being pregnant ask yourself what is it that you’re trying to make? Are you going through some transformation in your life and what kind? Are you expecting something new to happen? If these dreams haunt you regularly they may bring prosperous ideas in your private or business life.

  1. Dreams of houses

Dreaming of houses usually is indicative of your inner self and your numerous personality traits. The interpretation varies on the type of house and the rooms you dream of. Houses symbolize comfort and security. If you dream of an attic it you may be bothered by some buried memories, while dreaming of basements symbolizes your intuition and the unconscious.

  1. Dreams of money

When we dream of money we wake up thankful. These dreams are about happiness, luck and the way we see ourselves. If you dream about winning a jack pot it’s indicative of some life change, while giving money means you’re afraid you’re going to lose something or someone. Dreams of money are usually connected to prosperity and abundance.

If money is often the subject of your dreams ask yourself if you’ve lost your job? Do you owe money? How would you spend your money if you win the lottery? The financial state and stability is the most prevalent thought in everyone’s mind and it’s no wonder it haunts us in our dreams as well.

  1. Dreams of fire

Dreams of fire can be interpreted differently depending on the context. If the fire is distant it’s a symbol of a desire for transformation. Playing with fire usually serves to warn you of some risky situation, while starting a fire can mean a repressed feeling of anger.

You need to ask yourself do you often dodge risky situations. Is putting out fires something you often do?

  1. Dreams of being naked

Naked dreams are a fairly common thing for many. They usually symbolize our fear of getting exposed. If you dream of other people being naked it’s usually a symbol of “the naked truth” or a loss of respect for that person. Being naked in your dreams means accepting all your imperfections, exposing yourself to the world as you are.

If you often dream of being naked you should ask yourself are you scared of people seeing you for who you are? Do you feel like you’re exposing yourself too much?

Dreams are a reflection of our life, a reflection of everything that’s happening to us, our feeling and emotions and can be analyzed in thousands of ways. You are the only one who can interpret these dreams and figure out what they mean. The above mentioned explanations and analyzes can only serve as guidelines and point you in the right direction, but only you can tell what they really mean.

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