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Your private part needs much more attention than you think. You must take care of it.
Here are 8 things that you should never do to your private part!

If you feel something strange in your intimate area, be sure to see a doctor. Do not try to find your diagnosis on the internet.
Try not to scratch your private part, if you do not want infections.

Never apply perfume to your intimate area. It is meant to apply on your neck, not on your private part.
Avoid using aromatic soaps.
#5Make sure that you disinfect your private part correctly. You do not want infections, right?
#6Narrow clothes and underwear are not the best options for your private part. Your vagina needs to breathe.

When you get out of the shower, make sure that you dry your vagina correctly. Do not wear clothes if your private part is still wet.
Try to limit sweets and add fruits and vegetables to your diet.