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Even though mice are unhygienic to have in your home, unlike rats, they are not a threat to your overall health. They are known to bite electrical wires and make holes in bedding and clothes. Mice appear when there are food stocks lying open and food on the floor, for example, crumbs of bread, pieces of other foods, etc. This being said, you need to keep your food protected and clean the floor on a regular basis to prevent rodents from entering your home or apartment. Leaving trashcans open can attract mice, as well as the warm atmosphere in homes during fall and winter season. Cold water makes rodents search for new habitats and this is when they can enter your home. In case you have noticed a mice or a rat, these are some effective ways to get rid of them once and for all.

How to Get Rid of Rodents


Disperse several traps throughout different areas of your home or apartment.

Ultrasonic rodent scavengers

Nowadays, these devices have become more and more popular. The ultrasound fills out the whole room and the rodents are unable to stand it and will run off. This sound cannot harm us and we cannot hear it.

Special rodent glue

This glue needs to be applied onto a bigger cardboard and the mice will easily glue onto it and it will be prevented from moving. This is the perfect method if you noticed more than one mouse because it enables you to trap all of them at once.

Peppermint oil

Sprinkle it throughout your home, especially in the area where you have noticed the mice. They will get away because they cannot stand the smell of peppermint.

Hot pepper flakes

Spread them throughout the house or apartment and you can also mix them with tiny cheese pieces, which mouse like to eat. The mice will eat the hot peppers and will never come back.

Hot sauce

Similarly to the previous method, this one is also based on the mice’s inability to stand spicy foods. Therefore, apply several drops of hot sauce into different areas of your home to keep them at bay.


Some cats are lazier than others, so, whether your cat will get the job done or not is questionable. If your cat is unable to ‘help you’, borrow your friend’s or neighbor’s cat and see how it goes.