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So, if I ask you that with which body part you and your friends relates the word manhood the most, then what should be your answer? And yes, you are definitely right (like most of the men), you and your friend is also right: The ‘Manhood’. But, unfortunately, many people relate size of penis with manhood. And now, when this fact has been known to you, let me tell you another fact that in this modern lifestyle, most of us are not treating the integral part of our manhood in the right way. In our daily lifestyle we do unknowingly do many things that are hurting our manhood. And, you should be very careful, because this is a very serious matter. You should look into this matter as early as possible to prevent any permanent damage. This is a list of the 6 most common habits that are hurting your manhood. Prevent any damage by fixing these habits. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. You’re Not Exercising Enough

Yes, the experts say that men who exercise regularly have better erectile functioning. Study confirms – well, this study was conducted on 300 men, who self-reported about their activity level and the extent of their sexual functioning. The report published after this study shows that the men who reported the more frequent exercise had managed to score high score. So, start exercising from today. Manage to spend 3-5 hours in a week from your not-so-busy schedule for exercise.

  1. You’re Smoking Too Much

We all know that smoking isn’t good for you! Well, smoking may make you to look mature, but it is hurting your sperm very badly. Smoking results in poorly developed sperms and poorly developed sperm are less likely to make their way to fertilize egg. In a study conducted by University of Sheffield on 1970 men, this result has been confirmed.

  1. You’re Not Getting Laid

You know they say – either use it or lose it. Well, this means that if you’re only having sex once a month, try to increase it to at least once a week. Men who don’t have enough sex are at greater risk for erectile dysfunction.

  1. Too Much Junk Food

Eating junk food has the same effects as that of smoking. A recent study, conducted by group of experts at the Harvard University in 2011, has showed that a person, who eats more junk food or processed food like cookies, cakes, chocolate, and chips etc., has higher chances of erectile dysfunction.

  1. You Don’t Sleep Enough

You should sleep more, because your (unhealthy) habit of not taking enough sleep is making your swimmers sleepy. This problem can be tackled by sleeping 7-9 hours a day. But if this not possible, then you may try some ‘yoga’ to make you swimmers work properly.

  1. You Are Not Washing Off the Sun Cream

Yes, you got that right, your sun cream is protecting you from harmful UV rays, but it is also making you infertile. National Institutes of Health proved that certain chemicals like BP-2 or 4OH-BP, which used in sun cream to protect us against UV rays, are decreasing our ability to reproduce by 30 percent. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank you and have a nice day!