These cleaning tips and tricks will have you saving time and actually enjoying the cleaning process. Why not give it a try? Wouldn’t you like to turn cleaning into therapy rather than a frustrating chore?

43 Cleaning Tips and Tricks

You can clean paintings much easier when using a bagel.If you happen to have a porcelain bathtub or sink try using a bar keeper’s friend.Using an old pillowcase is one of the easiest ways to clean the dust off of your fans.Filling the bathtub up with a few inches of boiling water will increase the effectiveness of alkaline cleaners when cleaning the bathroom.Hanging your brooms and mops rather than putting them on the floor in a closet will prevent mildew buildup.Cut back on how long it takes to clean your oven hood by using boiling water and baking soda.Using a seam ripper will allow you to get all the hair our of your vacuum bristles.

Clean your lampshades with a lint roller.Unscrew your toilet lid and clean the nooks and crannies by putting a cleaning wipe on the tip of a screwdriver.

Clean the front of your cabinets using a baking soda and veggie oil paste.Attach a cleaning wipe to a wire hanger with a rubber band in order to clean glass on the inside of your oven door.

Clean metallic appliances using water and tartar sauce.Use a toothbrush to effectively clean the inside of your toaster.

Clean the inside of your washing machine with white vinegar. All you need to do is pour some in your machine with hot water and bleach allow it to cycle through.Attach a bag filled with hot water and white vinegar to your shower head with a rubber band. Allow it to sit and then scrub for a few minutes after.remove dust from candle surfaces by using cotton balls and rubbing alcohol.

Clean your fridge with hydrogen peroxide. It is safe and effective.

Clean your window tracks with cotton swabs dipped in white vinegar.In order to clean your iron run it over salt while using the steam setting.

Clean your dryer vents out by vacuuming them.

Clean out drain holes with a toothbrush. Afterward, place lemon slices in the holes for a short amount of time to freshen things up.Use salt to remove cooked food from cast iron.Keep your sponge upright in a binder clip. This will prevent leaking.Use wax paper to remove water spots from chrome finished appliances.Pour antibacterial soap into your toilet brush holder to keep the germs from multiplying.Keep a dish wand in the shower. Wipe the walls down before exiting the shower each time you use it.Using a sock and white vinegar you can effectively clean blinds.Clean the plastic inside the front of your washing machine using bleach water and a towel to ensure no mold will grow.Use a hair catcher in your shower to prevent clogged drains.Wipe your windows down with newspaper for streak free results.Mix coconut oil with baking soda to get rid of sticky residue on door handles and other surfaces.

Clean carpet stains by using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Place it on the stain and then use the steam setting on your iron for a few seconds repeatedly until the stain is gone.Use old fabric softener sheets to clean your baseboards.Sprinkle baking soda and stain remover on your mattress to clean it.Dust your light bulbs with a paintbrush.Use WD-40 to remove scuffs from tiles. In order to remove limestone deposits pour Kool-Aid into your dishwasher.Use canned air to remove dust and debris from you exhaust fans.Use magic erasers to clean your keyboards.Microwave your cleaning sponge in order to kill germs.

Clean your bathroom filter in the dishwasher.

Clean up pet urine with hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish detergent and water.Use hydrogen peroxide to clean your countertops as it is effective in killing germs.