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Unfortunately, depression, a serious psychological disorder, is affecting a larger part of the world population as the years go by.

People who suffer from hidden depression tend to fight inner demons without anyone being aware.

Since we live in an age of superficiality, we do not always reveal our problems to others, but we tend to suppress them.

However, this is not the solution!

In order to be able to offer your help to someone who may be suffering from depression, you need to be able to recognize some of the major symptoms.

The Main Signs of Hidden Depression

  • Talented individuals for a need of expression

You have probably heard of famous people who have or had this problem. Pain can turn into a fuel for the emotions of these people and an inspiration as well. Did you know that Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Bill Hicks, and Sarah Silverman have/had this problem?

  • They search for meaning

The truth is that we all search for a purpose in our lives, but, in depressed people, this is much more accentuated because of their high level of anxiety. They tend to be obsessed with existential questions.

  • Cries for help

At a specific period, we all need aid from someone else. Therefore, if you notice that your friend or partner is constantly weak and on the verge to cry, but is hesitant, offer to talk to them. And, when you establish a bond, the trust will be stronger. This is when you need to take action. Still, make sure you do not push them too much.

  • Irregular sleeping patterns

In depressed individuals, it is not uncommon to see them staying in bed and sleeping for a lot of hours that can easily turn into days. However, there are situations when they also battle with insomnia.

  • Abandonment issues

Abandonment can be really hurting. When someone important to us leaves us all of a sudden, we cannot bear the pain. In depressed people, this pain is 100 times stronger and they can start avoiding other people to prevent more abandonment.

  • They have their own cures

These people have their own methods to deal with their depression. This may be going to the gym regularly, listening to specific music, walking in the park, etc.

  • Odd eating habits

This disorder is known to impact the patient’s eating habits. Their eating pattern varies, that is, they can eat too much or eat little or no food.

  • They tend to be pessimistic

Intelligence seems to go hand in hand with depression, which could be considered both a blessing and a curse. These people respond strongly to anything life throws at them, no matter how small or big. But, they can be excellent when it comes to solving problems.

  • Fake it till you make it

In order to hide how they feel from the rest of the world, they are masters of hiding their mood and they can always fake a smile. They are afraid of what may happen if they bring their demons to the surface.

  • Cover-up stories are their thing

Depressed people can come up with extensive excuses for almost anything in order to move away the attention from their feelings.

  • They cannot calm down their mind

These people have so many thoughts because they live at high speed. They are very analytical and deep.