Trump: Justice Dept. trying to ‘protect’ Clinton

Donald Trump on Saturday ripped the Justice Department over reports it warned the FBI against publicly acknowledging new emails potentially related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation so close to the election.
The Republican presidential nominee argued during a rally in Golden, Colo., that Justice Department officials were “fighting” to stop FBI Director James Comey from sending the letter to lawmakers Friday.
“The Department of Justice is trying so hard to protect Hillary,” Trump said to boos from the audience.
A government official on Saturday told The Hill that the Justice Department’s stance was to abstain from taking action that could impact the White House race Nov. 8.
“The AG’s position is consistent with the department’s position not to take investigative steps that would influence an election so close to an election and to not comment on ongoing investigations. Director Comey decided to operate independently of that guidance by sending that letter to the Hill,” the official said, adding that the Justice Department’s position “was made clear to the FBI.”
Trump cited a report in The Hill this week that found that 97 percent of political donations from employees at the Justice Department by the end of September went to Clinton. Trump argued it was evidence officials at the department were biased in favor of his Democratic rival.
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Trump pointed to an impromptu meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in June, which caused a political firestorm given the email probe.
“This is what we mean when we call it a rigged system,” Trump told supporters Saturday.
Trump argued that the “FBI finally did what was right” when Comey informed lawmakers Friday that his agency was reviewing newly discovered emails potentially related to its Clinton server probe.
“Something that should have been done a long time ago,” Trump said.
Trump also claimed that FBI employees pushed back against the bureau’s conclusion reached in July to not recommend criminal charges over the mishandling of classified information.
“I bet you there was a revolt in the FBI,” Trump said.