In Historic 6-3 Decision, The Supreme Court Drops The Constitution On Personal Responsibility For Minors

What’s Happening:

Democrats are on the offense in their quest to transform America into a liberal utopia—but one institution is still defending American liberties.

The Supreme Court doesn’t have a perfect record, but the 3 conservatives Donald Trump appointed have secured a temporary bastion for common sense and conservatism.

And the high court just made another critical 6-3 ruling that will have liberals unhappy. From Yahoo:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday made it easier for states to impose sentences of life in prison without parole on juvenile offenders, ruling against a Mississippi man convicted of killing his grandfather at age 15 in a case testing the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

The justices in a 6-3 ruling rejected arguments by the inmate, Brett Jones, that his sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole violated the Eighth Amendment…


A man who committed a heinous crime as a minor hoped to roll back his sentence because he did it as a teenager.

Recent decisions were trending towards being more lenient on young criminals, but the conservative court just ended that streak.

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled to keep heavy consequences on people of any age that grossly violate the Constitutional rights of others.

In a culture that keeps moving further toward less responsibility for individuals and more blame on entire people groups, this comes as a breath of fresh air.

But if liberals succeed in packing the Supreme Court, this won’t last long. Activist liberal judges tend to follow whatever the latest culture trends are instead of interpreting the Constitution directly.

Do you stand with conservatives and the Constitution?

Trump responded with:

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