Howard Stern has many a controversial interview under his belt. Of course, we only know of the ones his show has chosen to release. We can only imagine what little snippets lie on the cutting room floor.

It looks like ‘imagine’ is all we will be doing in that regard – at least when it comes to Stern’s previous interviews with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Helga Esteb
Helga Esteb /

“I feel Donald Trump did the show in an effort to be entertaining and have fun with us,” Stern said on Monday. “I feel like it would be a betrayal to any of our guests if I sat there and played them now where people are attacking him.”

Stern went on to state that he doesn’t conduct interviews to “fuck someone over.”

Apparently, the mainstream media doesn’t share Stern’s integrity. Unlike the shock-jock, they have no problem calling on decades-old interviews. They see no issue with taking quotes out of their initial – sometimes personal – context.

“I fully knew what I was doing when I interviewed Trump,” Stern said. I knew I had a guy who loved to talk about sex. I had a guy who loved to evaluate women on a scale of 1-to-10. These are avenues that I went down because I knew it would entertain the audience.”

Stern made these comments in light of Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood video leak in which a private conversation between him and then-host Billy Bush can be heard.

The keyword in that phrase, as one outlet points out, is ‘private.’

Trump may not have actually known he was being recorded on that now-infamous tape. To share that would be illegal.

Which raises the question:

How many other inappropriate ‘hot mic’ recordings does NBC (the network behind Access Hollywood) have? What interest do they, unlike Howard Stern, have that would warrant the conspicuous ‘leaking’ of Trump’s recording in particular?